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Life is a braid–spiritual, physical, mental divisions–and all the strands in between interweave to create a stylish whole. A whole that’s made stronger to withstand any natural adventure.

Yup… It’s another blog. And it’s about more than just hair, because as India.Arie sings, “I am not my hair.” My tresses have undergone a few changes in recent years. I find caring for them to be an adventure–and hair itself– like a canvas–ripe for human creativity, whether long or short.

I realize that my hair’s current hair state doesn’t totally match the blog’s name. I have no braids. In fact, my hair is too short for braids. I can’t even use extensions. My hair is as long as a gnat’s butt is wide.

But I do write. I am a writer. A trained journalist. And although I work in my chosen field, I still look for opportunities (and maybe excuses) to write, write, write. I just happened to come up with the blog name about three years ago–when I had enough hair for braids. Even though that’s no longer the case, I decided to keep the name, *smile*.

I decided to join the online natural hair community to chronicle another one of my hair adventures–heretofore undocumented. I’ve also been impressed and inspired by the various documented hair adventures, and the support I detect within the natural hair community as a whole.

Though this isn’t my first Big Chop, I cut my hair so I can grow it back again–this time, taking better care of it along the way. That was my first intention. But recently, I’ve been wondering if I’m even going to grow it as long as it was before the Big Chop, III. Haven’t made up my mind just yet. I just may decide to rock the ultra TWA for good, but you’re welcome to join me as I continue to live life, and figure it out–experimenting and enjoying every step of the way.

I am also a self-proclaimed social media trollop. I have an ever-growing collection of online storytelling tools in the “Natural Storyteller’s Toolbox.

This blog is a simple chronicle of the interwoven facets of one woman’s journey. There’s the natural hair journey, the health and wellness path, some of my personal thoughts that keep me motivated, laughing, and positive along the way… Oh, and any other thing I choose to write about.

Welcome to my life, to my mind, to my journey, this lovely path.

Feel free to leave comments or make suggestions.

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